Middlemen not needed in the Crypto space

John Bottomley
2 min readJun 17, 2021

Cathie Wood has been so instrumental in advancing the #crypto investment narrative to date. Indeed, the recent Ark Investment / Square White Paper about the benefit of #renewables to #bitcoin has definitely helped address the entire ESG narrative.

Yet this (admittedly interesting & informative) video highlights Ark Investment’s (and, indeed, the entire public investment spaces’) enormous limitations.

2 thoughts to consider:
1/ Private beats Public — Ark / Cathie needs public companies to gain exposure to the biggest investment opportunity in human history. Charging fees along the way. And as most of us know, decentralisation is one of the biggest themes in this space. DeFi will — to borrow a term from Marc Andressen — “eat the (financial) world”. In other words, individuals like us can invest directly in the space at an enormous advantage to the “big guys”. “Sans” the fees.

We don’t need the Teslas, the Grayscales, the Microstrategies (although Michael Saylor is a legend in the making) to take our individual investment positions.

2/ Passive investing is now passé … this thought iterally screams to me (and it IS the main reason I walked away from a Wall Street job 30 years ago).

Larry Fink from Blackrock, putting pressure on Elon Musk at Tesla? Over #Bitcoin? Really? How incredibly passé. These two now represent dinosaurs dancing in the streets … white noise … whilst the rest of us can participate, first-hand, in the crypto revolution.

Bitcoin (and crypto more generally) represents a once in a thousand lifetime opportunity. Humanity has never created an investment play stronger in property rights & financial independence that resides outside the control of central authorities — central authorities who are literally eroding citizen wealth via fiat debasement.

Bitcoin is decentralised, permissionless, open and waiting. For Each and Every One of Us.

The bottom line is that we do NOT need the Larry Finks, the Elon Musks and, yes, the Cathie Woods of the world to take Long Positions in crypto. And, better, as Raoul Pal proclaims, taking “Irresponsibly Long” Positions in crypto.

We don’t need Wall Street. We don’t need the City of London. Or Toyko, Shanghai, Singapore or Frankfurt … to go #Allin.

Study it. Size it. and then Seize it.

Below is her video…

Cathie Wood Explains Why Bitcoin Will be Unstoppable After This Happens | Bitcoin Price Prediction




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