A Bright Future for the Young

John Bottomley
2 min readJan 31, 2022

Far too often one reads how AI, robotics (and even blockchain) will destroy jobs, leaving our youth with bleak futures. Well, this article is quite different. Tascha (from TaschaLabs) highlights the megatrends she sees that are futuristic, positive & downright exciting.

10 Prophecies for the Web 3.0 (read here)

I tend to agree with all ten of her prophecies, although two really do stand out:

1/ hyper tokenisation of everything. How many of you know that some equities and indices have already been tokenised? And if you’re willing to act as a liquidity provider, you can get annual yields of 100+%… (I’m currently getting 141% on TSLA-USD). Art has been tokenised (think NFTs) and real estate is ripe for blockchain/tokenisation

2/ staking becomes 3rd most important income source for the masses. We’ve all read about how the (primarily) young, using Robinhood, took on hedge funds over Gamestop, etc. Many young are #digitalnatives — giving them a massive advantage over their parents and grandparents — and will embrace staking as a new source of income. And I agree with Tascha, it will become an area of increasing focus as people realise you can really create a sizeable new income stream. DeFi has enabled all of this. And I tend to think it will become most people’s 2nd — not 3rd — source of income.

As for my own prediction (using baseball as the frame), I believe we’re only in the top of the 2nd inning with respect to innovation and opportunity in this space. Bitcoin is only about a decade old; ethereum even less. And DeFi has only been around at scale for the last year or so.

As for my peer group with kids, I do recommend you either learn enough about this to encourage your children to explore further … or, more likely, learn from your kids!

My son is quickly becoming an NFT expert — and I’ve already taken a few positions on his advice.

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