I’m typically not one to call for regulation — particularly in the #crypto space. However, I’m increasingly thinking that “stable” coins need some type of oversight as they very much may prove UNstable in times of financial duress.

The crypto ecosystem is an exciting place to be, whether one just…

Sylvain Saurel writes well-researched & insightful posts on topics ranging from bitcoin to personal development to life in general. You can find him on SubStack. This particular article (link below), published yesterday, caught my interest.

The typical negative article about bitcoin of late either focuses on ESG issues or organised…

Tales from a former corporate exec

I’ve learned a few things in my professional journey; some of which I’d like to share here:

- always have passion for what you do. Whatever the sector or industry you pursue, it matters not. Your passion is what drives it forward.

- always…

#GameOn for the best corporate trade in history?

Bitcoin vs. Fiat

I recently posted two crypto-related videos with short commentary on LinkedIn yet decided to expand on these initial thoughts because I believe the optimal environment is forming that could enable the greatest corporate trade in history.

You read that correctly.

The. Greatest…

A cold winter morning over Holland — the source of life arriving on the horizon as usual

Beware the upstart that has evolved from subsidies to Game Changer

I have been in the power markets for about 25 years now, dating back to the infamous Enron. Funny story: I worked for Enron Europe and in January of the year of its demise — 2001 — we formed…

John Bottomley

entrepreneur & builder of businesses | located at the nexus of #renewables, #power2x & #crypto | wine drinker | coffee addict -> https://ko-fi.com/power2x

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